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Talking Thermostats profiled in The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

A Golden Valley retiree turned up the heat on the market by developing a talking thermostat for the visually impaired.

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Comfort Solutions for seniors and persons who are blind or visually impaired

the accessible VIP 3000 residential Talking Thermostat that promotes independent living

The VIP Series is the first ENERGY STAR rated accessible digital thermostat with audio playback of day, time, indoor temperature, temperature setting and programming instructions so blind and visually impaired users can precisely and easily manage their indoor comfort. VIP 3000
Universal Talking Thermostat

VIP 3000: $189.00
Free UPS Ground Shipping within the United States

VIP 3000 is an accessible universal heating - cooling talking thermostat designed specifically for persons who are blind or have low vision. The VIP 3000 can control most Gas, Oil and Electric 24 Vac Heating and Air Conditioning Systems including the newest multi-stage (up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cooling) furnaces, air conditioners and heat pump systems. The VIP 3000 can also control Heat Pump / Dual Fuel (Hybrid) systems with 1 or 2 stage Compressors and Auxiliary Heat. To be used with single transformer systems. The VIP 3000 has enhanced speech functions including a talking Fan Button (fan on - fan auto), the System Button (heat-off-cool-auxiliary) and optional auto-changeover.


  • Product Reliability - 5 year warranty
  • Very User Friendly - built in voice instructions guides the user in setting the day, time, weekly and weekend temperature settings
  • Built in Loud Speaker - announces room temperature, set point, mode and programming instructions in a human voice when the appropriate button is pressed
  • Audio CD - with complete instructions to operate and program the VIP is included with each thermostat. Also included on the disk is a text file of the instructions.
  • Push button Convenience - easy to use control panel, receive voice confirmation after each button press
  • Arm chair programming - program your VIP before mounting to the wall
  • Program Choice - programmable 5 + 2 setback schedule or non-programmable mode
  • Multiple Programs - up to four time and temperature settings per weekday and separate weekend settings in the 5 + 2 programmable setback mode
  • Easy Installation - can directly replace most 2, 3, 4, and 5 wire analog and digital thermostats including the popular "round model"
  • Freeze Protection - maintains heating system at 40 degrees if the thermostat is off or is inoperative
  • Battery Powered - by four AA batteries that last approximately two years
  • Low Battery Alarm - announces when the batteries are low
  • LCD Display - for the sighted person, up to the second visual display of time, temperature and system status. What is shown on the display is also spoken
  • Attractive Styling - complements any decor

           VIP 3000: $189.00
Free UPS Ground Shipping within the United States

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